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United Landscape runs dedicated teams to maintain residential landscapes in Lexington’s finest neighborhoods. Our staff are passionate about plants and providing excellent service. We understand how important your outdoor space is to you. We treat each landscape individually and believe that good communication with our clients is the key to a successful maintenance service. Landscape maintenance is not just about mowing grass and weeding borders, it is a highly skilled process of nurturing and guiding a landscape with foresight to ensure its healthy development. We can manage and perform all the major aspects of maintenance such as mowing your lawn, pruning trees and shrubs, adding seasonal color and cleaning up leaves in the fall. You’ll be able to simply relax and enjoy your landscape.

Our landscape maintenance accounts are managed by either Kim Ellington or Laura Lyon. As Certified Arborists with many years in the Green Industry between them, Kim and Laura are very accomplished at and excited to manage high-quality landscapes in the Lexington area. Our Account Managers are especially passionate about plants and delivering excellent service to our customers.


Plant Health Care

With Certified Arborists on staff, you can be sure a trained eye will monitor the health of your landscape. We will evaluate site conditions, diagnose plant diseases, scout for damaging insect pests and create and integrated program of response for the optimum health of your trees and shrubs and total respect and care for the environment.

Lawn Care

Each lawn application will be performed by a trained and certified technician. United Landscape posts signs and informs customers of the nature of application in accordance with State regulations. Our lawn programs have been developed to provide you with strong healthy lawn. We use only proven products from recognized companies.


We take a lot of pride in cleaning up and reinvigorating our customers’ landscapes, in any season. In Spring or early Fall, we begin by removing all debris from bed areas. We then spade edge beds and follow with a granular application of a proven pre-emergent herbicide for weed control. We then lay an appropriate amount of mulch for existing site conditions. Mulching has proven to be an important part of Landscape Maintenance, and can truly benefit your plants’ health, save water, control weeds while looking great. Leaf cleanup agreements are based on a given number of visits at a set price during the period 11/01 – 12/31. Leaves are hauled away and disposed of at a local business that recycles them as compost. In January and February, our crews focus on simply keeping a neat appearance through the year removing any light debris left by winter storms, blow or rake the mulch back into landscape beds and touch up with bed areas with some light spade edging.

Weed Control

With hand tools or approved chemical methods, we will control weeds before and after emergence in your beds, on your walks or patio and in mulched tree rings.

Irrigation Maintenance & Monitoring

Irrigation systems can be problematic, let us take away the stress of managing yours for you. We understand how they work and are current on new irrigation technologies. We can schedule startups, servicing and winterizing with our trusted partners. We can also advise on and manage changes or upgrades to your system. Monitoring agreements are based on a given number of visits at a set price during the period from start-up to winterization.

Objectives are to ensure the controller is programmed appropriately for the areas being irrigated according to turf and plant requirements, persisting weather conditions and water conservation and to report damage or malfunctioning system to the customer.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting like irrigation is a great asset to your landscape. It provides extended hours of enjoyment, safety, and security but you need to be committed to the maintenance of the system. Our objectives in maintaining your outdoor lighting are as follows: reset fixtures as needed, cover any exposed wire, check the transformer and connections, reset timer as needed, trim back plant obstructions or selectively relocate fixtures due to overgrowth of landscaping, repair any cut wire, clean lamp lenses, remove debris from well lights, replace lamps, grease any gaskets or O-rings on fixtures to prevent dry rot, spray sockets and back of lamp with di-electric grease to extend life of fixture and lamp. For those of you with halogen lamps, we recommend retrofitting to LED lamps that will save energy and time spent on maintenance.


Prior to mowing your turf areas will be cleared of any litter, tree limbs or other debris type obstructions. Turf will be completely and evenly mowed at a height most suitable for the type of grass and any site specific needs. In areas we cannot reach with a lawn mower, we will string trim the turf to the height of the adjacent turf.

Grass clippings on all non-turf surface areas will be blown off, to maintain a neat appearance. As part of our Gold Service, we will also power edge the edges of all sidewalks, driveways and curbs on every mowing event as needed and alternate mowing direction.

Bedding Plants and Containers

Our carefully chosen seasonal color programs will be customized for your landscape and ensure the awesome color you desire thrives all season long. Annual beds are diligently prepared, fertilized and even watered on request and we offer a full line of custom containers and pots to suit any landscaping style. We can also work with your existing containers and pots. Contact us today and see how we can spruce up your space with professional landscaping.

Perennial Care

Perennial beds are typically a low maintenance addition to the landscape, but may require some special attention to weeding, mulching, watering, staking, pinching and budding.

Mulch Turning

Either mechanically or with hand tools, we will turn your mulch. This rejuvenates faded or compressed mulch and brings back the “new” look.

Turning aerates mulch which helps prevent fungus and mold from growing. Breaking up compressed mulch promotes composting and allows water to seep through to plant roots.

Trimming & Pruning

Our maintenance crews are trained to trim and prune all ground cover, shrubs and small trees that are less than 15’ in height in accordance with the standards set by the International Society of Arborists. United Landscape has 3 Certified Arborists on staff to ensure these standards are met. We trim and prune at the time of year to ensure your plant’s best health. We believe that a healthy plant is the best looking plant. We use well maintained & sharp equipment. For large tree pruning or removal (plants over 15’ in height) we can manage the project using one of our preferred Tree Service Companies.